NCC | Double-x Developing

NCC | Double-x Developing

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ONLY FOR 5222 (double-x) FILM PURCHASED FROM NCC. Does NOT apply to PUSH/PULL developing.  Once an order is placed for development we will provide you with a mailing address to send the film to. All negatives will be returned after processing to the return mailing address via USPS Media Mail. All scans will be made available on our private website. RAW scans are available upon request.


NOW OFFERING PRINTING SERVICES! Head over to our "secret" page after you receive your scans and order prints!  Just let us know what images numbers you want printed when you receive your scans. 



AS OF January 2023, all scans will be exported as JPEG images.  Please indicate in your "Cart" page under the "special instructions to seller" box before if you wish to receive TIFF scans OR RAW scans.  This is due to a high volume of inquiries from users downloading images on their mobile devices and not having a TIFF viewer.

DISCLOSURE: We are a small lab, we develop on a weekly cycle.  All black and white film is Developed on Sundays and Color film is developed on Mondays.  Scans are done Tuesday and Wednesdays.