Wet Plate Demo Session

Wet Plate Demo Session

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Frist Friday Collaboration with Epicure Brewing on September 2nd, we will only be offering 2 image mini plates.  These are perfect for couples or for capturing both of your good sides! We can cut the plates in half as well upon request.  Limited to 18 reservations or walk-ins.

A few times a year, we will be putting on public demonstrations of the Wet Plate Collodion process.  This process was created Gustave Le Gray in 1850 and patented by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851.  Its use was considered the first widely available photographic process to the public.  It was the standard process until the 1880s when it was replaced by dry plate photography.


We keep the history of photography alive here at Norwich Camera Company.  With this 25 minute session you will receive ONE 3x4" tin type plate with TWO or FOUR images next to each other on the plate. This plate will be fully developed and ready for pickup later in the evening or the next day in our studio.  This session must be scheduled through our events page.  


The wet plate process requires a tremendous amount of light to produce an image.  We utilize very high power flashes in our studio to create a near instant latent image.  If you are sensitive to high power short duration flash, please let us know in advanced and we can utilize a large bank of near UV LED panels.