Wet Plate Portrait Session

Wet Plate Portrait Session

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ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE MADE 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION.  Contact us via email info@norwichcamera.com if you need same day booking.  Same day booking can not be made for Wet Plate Studio Sessions.

History is kept alive here at Norwich Camera Company.  We still practice the historical processes dating back to the 1850's.  This 1 hour session will include ONE varnished 8x10 or TWO 4x5 tin type plates.  Our 8x10 images are taken with our historic Scoville Co. studio camera that was made in 1863 and beautifully restored to full working condition.  4x5 plates are made with a variety of studio cameras that we have available. Since this is a historic process and chemistry changes from day to day, there is no such thing as a "defect free" plate.  There will be some defects that are notorious for that historic look.  

Our wet plate sessions are suitable for individuals or couples.  Because this process requires an immense amount of light due to the chemical process to create the image, we utilize very high power studio strobes that can be uncomfortable to those sensitive to high intensity flashes.  


These sessions are available for "private" images.  Our studio is able to be 100% private from the public eyes.