NCC Double X

A few weeks ago we launched our own branded Kodak Double-X.  This film is legendary in the movie industry.  Its been used most notable (in recent times) with James Bond Casino Royale and The Lighthouse.  

We had no real intentions other than to walk about Norwich and shoot a roll of film.  Camera Daddy Andy loaded up with his Nikon F100 and a nifty fifty, No This Is Patrick had his Bessa R and Alan had the Canon A1.  

The film was developed in a rotary Jobo processor using standard D-76 as a developer.  All film was scanned with our PrimeFilm XAs scanner.  We also made some contact prints and some enlargements to see the beauty of the physical print.  

Excellent showing of the films range through deep shadows and highlights.  Andy knew that the sky would be blown out so a balance had to be made to weight more of the image with darks.



Pat with the smooth tones.



And Alan wanted to show the detail in a high contrast scene
Alan Details

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