Camera Repair Services

Found a cool camera in your attic that you want to bring back to life? Here at Norwich Camera Company, Andy is a bit of a wizard. 
We will work on most film cameras and lenses and some digital repairs. 
Fill out our form to get a quote to get you back in business. 
Local pickups and drop-off are to be made at our storefront located at 44 Franklin St, Norwich, CT.
If you are mailing a camera/lens to be serviced, all cameras are to be mailed to:
Norwich Camera Company, LLC
66 Franklin St
Norwich CT 06360
DO NOT INCLUDE ANY ACCESSORIES WHEN MAILING CAMERAS IN UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ASKED. (No straps, no batteries, no lenses (unless sending a lens in for repair, no grips/power winders, no memory cards) We are not responsible for lost accessories.  We have a lot of repairs in our shop and all of those things will be separated from the camera to complete repairs.  Things get lost.
Pickups and drop-offs can be scheduled outside of our normal business by email (