The FIVE Double YOUs

Who, what, where, when, why......and how.

NCC is a pipe dream of 3 Norwich, CT “photographers” Andy A.K.A. “Camera Daddy”,
Patrick “No, this is Patrick” and Alan “BWWHATSUPEVERYBODY”.
Starting up we are primarily a brand to sell hipster clothes and cliché camera accessories.
Camera Daddy Andy runs a darkroom and film lab for all your film developing and film scanning needs (including E6 AND drum scanning). He’s also a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to camera repair and camera builds. No, this is Patrick is a content creator who skirts the lines of legality and sanity.
BWWHATSUPEVERYBODY Alan is our walking billboard, leather smith and enforcer.
Long term goals will be to build and ship custom, hand built large format cameras. We also want to setup workshops for all things related to analog photography. We want to bring back the magic of physically holding and displaying real images to the masses (at least locally).
We created this venture for no reason at all other than to have some fun and pay for PBRs. We are students of this world and want to plant that seed of craziness wherever we go.
How we will make all this possible is with YOU.  Every donation and every purchase helps us reach our goal of bringing history into the present.  We need a physical storefront and teaching space.  

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