Trash Panda Reversal 100
Trash Panda Reversal 100

Trash Panda Reversal 100

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Live Fast, Shoot Trash!  This is our hand rolled Arista EDU 100 film. A staple of cheap black and white film. It’s got some grain. It’s gritty and has that look that only a trash panda could call “food”.

We have done some extensive testing and this film can be developed as a POSITIVE (Slide) image!  Regardless if you shoot it as slide film or as a standard negative, the ISO is still 100.  Careful metering needs to be done when exposing as slide.  

36 exposures, ISO 100 NON DX coded.
It’s good, it’s cheap, it’s film.



If you purchase the film along with the REVERSAL developing option, you are responsible for the cost of postage to and from Norwich Camera Company.  Don't lose that email! It contains all the shipping info to get it back to us!