NCC 1.6 Slow Film 35mm

NCC 1.6 Slow Film 35mm

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Up for a challenge? This is some very slooooow color film.  Originally intended to be used as an internegative digital print film, this stuff is truly made for those wanting to make some weird images.  

Based on the sunny 16 rule it IS possible to handhold this stuff at 1/50” at f2.8.  There will be a “signature” blue cast to this film.  It’s unique for sure.  

To meter for this, you’ll need to set your camera to its lowest iso and use exposure comp to get you in the ballpark.  External metering is highly recommended  


Kodak 2254 

ISO 1.6 in Daylight

DX Code = NO 

Hand rolled from a bulk spool 

36 frames of awesomeness