NCC 500T 35mm Film

NCC 500T 35mm Film

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Ready for some fresh hand rolled Kodak 5219? Look no further than right here.  

This is the legendary Kodak Vision 3, 500T cine film  Hand rolled, fresh label straight from the 80s arcade.  THIS FILM HAS REMJET. DO NOT SEND THIS STUFF TO A LARGE COMMERCIAL LAB FOR DEVELOPING UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE THE MOST DESPISED PERSON AT THE LAB.  

Yes, we develop this stuff here!  Check out our dev options for remjet films

Kodak Vision 3 500T

ISO 500 in Daylight.  ISO 320 with a tungsten correction filter on the lens  

DX Coded

Hand rolled from a bulk spool 

36 frames of awesomeness